From Duc, Louisville, KY:

What a GABRAKY ride! You have done an awesome job with the ride, the route, the arrangements — even the weather. On behalf of the Fat Boys, I thank you both for all your (and your helpers) hard work to make the ride a success it is. We thoroughly enjoyed another fantastic crossing of the state (the second time in a week). We can hardly wait to do it again on next year’s ride.  PS. A special thank-you to Josh is in order also. What a delightful young man.


From Michael, Louisville, KY:

I would like to add my thanks and statement of appreciation.  I had a very good time, met some nice people, saw a good chunk of my adopted state, and held up my reputation as the slowest of the Fat Boys.  Perhaps I will be able to join you ‘all again.  I would like that.


From Petra and Deb, Kansas City, MO:

We like to thank you for a great time had at last week’s bike ride. The ride was very well organized and gave us a great overview of the lovely state Kentucky. A lot of nice little details made it especially enjoyable for us ‘out of state visitors’: police escort to the Ohio River, reception in Frankfort after the day of riding, the visit of the capitol, going through the state parks, touring the distillery, all the detailed warnings about the route and its tricks, having breakfast at the college with tour of the chapel, riding up the hill together at the last day was an experience, and finally the shower after dipping the front tire in the lake… We really appreciate all these details you guys prepared with care and love. Thank you so much!!


From Jennifer, Lawrenceburg, KY:

I have sure enjoyed seeing everyone’s pictures of the great ride we had.  I can’t tell you how long I was on a real high, (telling everyone and bragging and feeling so good that I did it!!!) maybe because I still am!!  Julie and I both can’t express how much it meant to us and with all of your support; it just made it so special.  Having Charlie’s article to send to all our friends and family was so cool too; please thank him again for us!


From Joe, Wheatland, IN:

GABRAKY was my favorite ride this year.  You did a great job of tour guide and den mother.


From Nevin, West Allis, WI:

What a great ride, and what great company!


From Nichole, Batavia, IL:

Thanks for all you did to coordinate such a great ride.  The route, the support, the meals, and the accommodations were just perfect.  You two also bring a great sense of community and fun to the event.  Thank you.  Cheers!


From Shannon, Indianapolis, IN:

Thank you for all your hard work that went into planning such a fabulous bike ride!  We had a great time!

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