Day 1


General Butler State Resort Park to Frankfort Lt. Governor’s Mansion

0.0 miles         Start at the Back Entrance to General Butler State Park (Picnic Shelter)

0.01                 Turn right out of picnic area

0.08                 Turn right onto 11th Street at Stop sign

1.6                   Turn left onto Highland Ave/KY-42

2.44                 Turn right onto 2nd Street

2.54                 Turn left onto Main Strett

2.63                 Turn right onto 1st Street

2.65                 BRIEF REST STOP TO PUT BACK TIRES IN THE OHIO RIVER at Point Park

2.69                 Continue back 1st Street

2.74                 Turn left onto Main Street

2.83                 Turn right onto 2nd Street

2.93                 Turn right onto Highland Ave/KY-36 W/KY-42 W

3.34                 Turn left onto KY-55/Newcastle Pike

5.86                 Turn left onto KY-389 S

9.47                 Turn right to stay on KY-389 S

18.92               Keep left at the fork on KY-389 S

22.0                 REST STOP – SHARP’S GROCERY

26.86               Left onto KY-22 E

27.38               Continue straight onto Brown Street

27.39               Continue onto Main St

28.39               Continue onto KY-355 S/Gratz Rd

33.78               Turn right onto Monterey Pike

34.47               Slight left onto Bridge St

34.49               Turn right onto US-127 S – Use Caution on Highway

35.0                 LUNCH STOP – MONTEREY MARKET

35.2                 Continue on US-127 S – Use Caution on Highway

37.43               Turn left onto KY-368/Cedar Creek Rd

42.03               Turn right onto KY-1707/Camp Pleasant Rd

48.86               Continue straight onto KY-1262/Peaks Mill Rd

49.56               REST STOP – CANOE KENTUCKY

57.04               Turn right onto US-127 N/Owenton Rd –  Use Caution on Highway

57.86               Turn left onto KY-1429/Manley Leestown Rd

59.76               Turn left onto Lewis Ferry Rd

61.34               Turn right into Fair Oaks Parking Lot

61.43               Turn left in Fair Oaks Parking Lot

61.69               Turn right in Fair Oaks Parking Lot

61.72               Turn left onto Fair Oaks Lane

61.76               Turn right onto Riverview Trail – Off Road Bike/Walk Trail

62.79               Continue out the end of the Trail onto West Main Street

63.0                 Turn left onto Wilkinson St

63.16               Turn right onto W Broadway St

63.39               Turn left onto Lewis St

63.48               Turn right onto Clinton St


Map My Ride Day 1

2 thoughts on “Day 1

    • There are maps of all the days rides on the GABRAKY website ( If you go to the link for Maps, then go to Day 1 (etc.) then scroll to the bottom of the directions you will see a link for Map My Ride Day 1 (etc.). This map will show you the hill elevation in a graphical representation. There are a few challenging hills each day, but many are the kind you can fly down and coast back up to the top of the next one.

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