Day 2


Frankfort to Taylorsville Lake to My Old Kentucky Home

0.0 miles              Start at Grand Theatre

0.05                        Turn right onto W Broadway

0.14                        Turn right onto Ann Street

0.23                        Turn left onto W Main Street

0.36                        Turn right onto Capital Avenue

1.06                        Arrive at the Kentucky State Capitol to be greeted by Governor’s staff

Brief rest stop

Go back down Capital Ave

1.5                          Turn left onto W 2nd Street

1.95                        Turn right onto Taylor Avenue

2.19                        Turn left onto Devils Hollow Rd

3.62                        Turn left onto Pebblebrook Way next to Westridge Elementary School

4.03                        Turn left onto Pea Ridge Rd

7.41                        Turn left onto Bryant-Benson Rd/KY 1665

8.11                        Turn right onto Taylor Branch

9.8                          Turn left onto Sheep Pen Rd

10.73                     Turn right onto Old US-60

12.32                     Continue straight on US-60 W *** USE CAUTION ON HIGHWAY ***

12.47                     Turn first left onto Grafenburg Rd/KY 2256  *** USE CAUTION CROSSING  HIGHWAY ***

12.48                     Turn immediate right onto Grafenburg Rd/KY 2256

12.9                        Turn left onto Hickory Ridge Rd/KY 1472

13.01                     Turn right onto Bardstown Trail/KY 2823

16.53                     REST STOP – LOVE’S TRUCK STOP (McDonald’s)

16.54                     Turn left onto KY-395 S/Waddy Rd

19.96                     Sharp left to stay on KY-395 S/Waddy Rd

21.75                     Turn right onto KY-636 West/ Back Creek Road

27.23                     Cross Hwy and continue on KY-636 West

27.47                     Turn right onto Mill Rd

28.12                     Turn left onto Hickory Ridge Rd/KY-1416

32.48                     Turn left onto Kentucky 248/Briar Ridge Rd

32.69                     Turn right onto Park Road – Entrance to Taylorsville Lake State Park

34.91                     REST STOP – LUNCH – Taylorsville Lake State Park (#1 Picnic Shelter)

34.91                     Head East on Park Road

37.13                     Turn left on Kentucky 248/Briar Ridge Road/KY 44 E

39.91                     Turn left onto Stephens Lane

40.01                     Slight right onto Kentucky 248/State Hwy 3200

41.00                     Turn left onto Harvest Drive

41.45                     Cross highway onto Fairgrounds Road

41.49                     Turn left onto Hunter Road

42.11                     Turn right on KY44/State Hwy 3200

42.34                     Turn left onto Overlook Road/Visitors Center Road

46.2                        Turn left on KY-55/Bloomfield Road

47.3                        Turn right onto Grays Run Road/State Hwy 1392

51.54                     Turn left onto Little Union Road

51.91                     REST STOP – FAIRFIELD GROCERY

51.92                     Turn left onto Highgrove Road

52.14                     Turn right onto Murrays Run Road

59.11                     Name change to Plum Run Road (stay straight)

60.09                     Turn left onto US-150E/US-31E/Louisville Road/N 3rd Street

61.88                     Turn left onto E Daughtery Ave

61.99                     Turn right onto Moore Ave/N 2nd Street

62.74                     Turn left onto E Stephen Foster Avenue

63.36                     Turn right into My Old Kentucky Home


Map My Ride Day 2

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