Day 3


My Old Kentucky Home to Green River Lake State Park


0.0 miles         Start at My Old Kentucky Homes campground

0.07                 Turn left onto KY-49/Loretto Rd

3.17                 Turn right onto Burba Rd

6.96                 Turn right onto KY-46 cross highway and immediately

6.98                 Turn left onto Jim Clark Rd

8.28                 Turn right onto Eddie Miles Rd

10.7                 Turn left onto KY-247/Monks Rd

13.4                 Turn left into the Abbey of Gethsemani – REST STOP

13.5                 Turn left out of the Abbey of Gethsemani onto KY-247/Monks Rd

14.11               At Stop continue straight onto KY-52/New Hope Rd

23.2                 Turn left onto Holy Cross/Nerinx Road/KY-49

24.1                 At KY-49/KY-152 fork stay straight on KY-152

25.1                 Turn left into the Sisters of Loretto /Farm Rd – LUNCH STOP

25.85               Exit the Sisters of Loretto and turn right onto Holy Cross/Nerinx Rd/KY-152

26.4                 Continue onto KY-49 S/Holy Cross Rd

27.18               Turn right onto KY-52 W/New Hope Rd

29.29               Turn left onto St. Francis Raywick Rd/KY-527

34.08               Turn right onto KY-84 W/KY-527

35.06               Continue onto KY-527/Scott Ridge Rd

41.74               Continue onto KY-527Saloma Rd

47.08               REST STOP –  Saloma Baptist Church

52.08               Continue onto N Central Ave/1st Street in Campbellsville

53.04               Turn right onto Martin Luther King Blvd

53.36               Continue onto S Columbia Ave/KY-3183

55.1                 Continue onto Old Columbia Rd/KY-3183

57.1                 Turn left onto KY-1061/Lone Valley Rd

58.7                 Turn left onto State Park Rd


Map My Ride Day 3


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